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Two updates for today.

Hoenn Log 1

Yes, you read the title right, I'm leaving my post as Champion again to check out another region. This time, it's the island region of Hoenn. I heard of it from some guy named Steven in the Silph Co. lobby. We met, and he noticed that I had a Metagross, one of his favorite Pokémon. We became friends, and he told me that he came from Hoenn and that it was a really cool place. So here I am.

After the boat ride over, Psycho ended up going through the same procedure that he went through in Johto. Now he's a level 5 Beldum again. But that won't stay that way for long.

I had arrived in Littleroot Town, and was exploring north past Odale Town when I ran into this girl named May. She was doing something on a clip-board when she noticed me. She saw that I was a trainer and we had a battle.

She had a Torchic. I had never seen this Pokémon before, but I could tell it was Fire type. Luckily, it knew no Fire type moves, and Psycho took it down with Take Down.

When I won, she wanted to introduce me to her dad back in Littleroot, mainly because he is a professor. I didn't really want to, but she dragged me there anyway.

Her dad was Prof. Birch, and he was kinda tubby. But that's beside the point. He commended me for beating May and told me that there was a Gym in Rustboro City that I could challenge. So that's where my next stop would be.

I headed back to Odale Town, and then west. The route was short and sweet, and soon enough I was in a city by the name of Petalburg. And it had a Gym. I thought that I might see what's going on in there before I continued on the way to Rustboro.

In the Gym, I met the Leader right away. He introduced himself as Norman, but he said he wasn't taking challengers right now. Then, out of the blue, a timid boy named Wally came in. He talked about getting a Pokémon to accompany him while he was away. Norman was supposed to help him with that, but he didn't have the time to right now, so he asked me.

I didn't want to get in a beef with a Gym Leader, so I grudgingly agreed. Norman gave Wally the PokéBalls and Pokémon he needed to catch his own, and I led him to the grass. He caught his Pokémon, a Ralts, and we were done.

Norman thanked me, and told me of Rustboro City as well. So I was on my way yet again.

I headed west again, but was stopped by some guy with huge sunglasses. He assumed I was a trainer, then brushed me aside because I only had one Pokémon. I was a little offended, but I didn't care that much.

Continuing onward, the path ran right by a beach before turning north into a forest named Petalburg Woods. I walked around a bit until I came across a guy who was looking for Shroomish. Suddenly, a guy dressed in a blue pirate looking outfit appeared and yelled at the guy to hand over some papers. The guy jumped behind me and told me to help him. The guy in blue mentioned Team Aqua and attacked. He had a Poochyena, which was easy to beat. He took off after mentioning being after something in Rustboro.

The guy, apparently a Devon employee, whatever that meant, thanked me with a Great Ball. Then he pondered what the Aqua dude meant, then once he figured it out, he ran off, screaming about a crisis. Weirdo.

I found my way to the exit of the woods and was in Rustboro City not too long afterwards. Walking around showed the city to be of a decent size, but nowhere near as big as Saffron or Goldenrod. There were a few tall buildings, but nothing much.

The Gym was located in a rather easy to find place, but I noticed that it was a Rock type Gym. Psycho hadn't evolved yet, and he still only knew Take Down as a Beldum. So I decided that I'd go grind a bit until he evolved. We left the city at the northeast exit and started training. After hours of work, Psycho finally evolved into a Metang and learned Confusion and Metal Claw for the third time.

We returned to Rustboro and took on the Gym. It was straight-forward, and it took only seconds for me to reach Roxanne, the Gym Leader. She was very formal, and didn't challenge me, but asked me to battle. I accepted, and the battle began.

Metal Claw. That's all you need to know about this fight.

After our victory, Roxanne awarded us the Stone Badge and TM 39.

When I left the building, I was about to hit the PokéCenter to heal when I saw that Aqua dude from before run away from this tall building near the Gym. The same Devon guy from before was chasing him, shouting at him to not take the goods. I followed to see what the heck was going on.

The guy was standing on the outskirts of the city, huffing and puffing his head off. He saw me and asked me to get the Devon Goods back from that guy.

I ran after the Aqua dude and found out that he'd gone into some unfinished tunnel. He had also stolen some old guy's Pokémon as a hostage. I entered the tunnel and found him in a dead end.

The guy was upset about the whole thing, and he tried to take his frustration out on me. He had the same Pokémon as before, just a little tougher. But still no match for Psycho.

He grumbled stuff about how easy this whole thing was supposed to be, then handed me the goods and ran off. The old man from before came into the cave and was glad that his Peeko, a Wingull, was just fine. He introduced himself as Mr. Briney. He said if I needed anything, I could drop by his cottage near Petalburg Woods. I remembered seeing that cottage, and it had a dock and a boat by it. Then he and his Wingull left.

I brought the Goods back to the Devon guy and he thanked me with another Great Ball. He brought me into the Devon Corp.'s top floor to speak with the President there. Turns out he wanted me to deliver those goods to a Shipyard in Slateport City. I had no clue where that was, but I agreed. I'd probably find myself there anyway. The President also asked me to deliver a letter to Steven in Dewford. Since I knew him, I agreed.

Then the President thanked me by giving me a PokéNav. He said it was a great tool for traveling trainers, and it reminded me a lot of the PokéGear from Johto. He told me it had a map of Hoenn, so that was pretty useful. He also mentioned Team Aqua and another team, Team Magma, which were causing trouble all over the Hoenn region.

I was a little worried about that, but I didn't put too much thought into it for now.

I looked at the map and saw that Dewford Town was overseas, on a smaller island to the southern end of Hoenn. I'd have to get a boat there, for I had left my surfing Pokémon in Johto.

Then I remembered Mr. Briney and his boat. I figured I'd ask him for a ride, and that's where I headed to. As I was leaving Rustboro, I noticed May standing there. I approached her, we struck up a small conversation, and she and I registered each other in our PokéNav. Then we had a quick battle, which I won, and she told me that Mr. Briney was once a revered sailor. That strengthened my hopes of getting a ride with him.

By the time I said bye to May, it was late, so I grabbed a room at the PokéCenter to wait for tomorrow to come.


Hoenn Log 2

OK, these long journals are killing me, so I'm just gonna start bulleting everything. Much simpler for me that way.

So, events of today:

-Caught a Nincada for a Cut slave; nicknamed it Tyranitar for no real reason other than for laughs
-Went to Mr. Briney's house and got a ride to Dewford
-Found out Steven was in Granite Cave
-Figured out that I'd need the Gym badge to use Flash here
-Entered the Gym to find pitch darkness
-Stubbed my to millions of times trying to find the Leader
-Finally found him and battled him
-Easy fight, Confusion and Metal Claw did everything they needed to do and more
-Earned the Knuckle Badge

-Re-entered Granite Cave
-Navigated the darkness with the help of Tyranitar's Flash
-Found Steven, delivered letter, and registered him in my PokéNav
-Exited Granite Cave
-Sailed to Slateport beach and, shortly after, Slateport City
-Saw a bunch of Team Aqua dudes at a Museum
-Found the Shipyard
-Found out Capt. Stern is the one waiting for the goods
-Also found out he wasn't there
-Checked out the museum and found it full of Team Aqua goons
-Found Capt. Stern on floor 2
-Protected him from Aqua goons
-Met their leader, Archie
-Delivered parts to Capt. Stern
-Ran into that Scott person again and registered him in my PokéNav, though a little unsure of him
-Also ran into Birch and registered him
-ALSO ran into May and had a battle
-Wingull lost to Metal Claw, Combusken lost to Confusion, Lombre lost to Take Down
-Got Itemfinder from May
-Arrived in Mauville City
-Got Bike from store
-Found Wally in front of Gym
-Battled him, destroyed his Ralts with Metal Claw
-Entered Gym
-Navigated electric gates with ease
-Got to Gym Leader, Wattson, and battled
-Voltorb Self-Destructed, doing almost no damage to Psycho, Electrike fell after two Confusions, Magneton was a ***** and took a billion Take Downs to kill, and Manectric took a few Confusions to defeat
-Got the Dynamo Badge from Wattson

-Caught a Marill for Rock Smash slave; nicknamed it Ivysaur
-Visited Wally
-Finished the Verdanturf Tunnel with Rock Smash
-Relaxed in the PokéCenter

That's it for today. And I'm telling you, it was soooooo much easier writing like this. I'm just gonna do this all the time now. And if you got a problem with that, too bad.

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