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    Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
    okay I don't understand whats wrong with it other than the legs and the stuff on its arms and tail are shards of ice.
    Um, lack of perspective, lack of proper anatomy [even by Pokemon standards], and it's not exactly clear that those are shards of ice, since they're just triangles. And what are the circles then? And weren't you the one who posted Rappalooza too? That one needs a whole new design since it doesn't even look like it's related to the Ponyta family, the way you have it drawn.

    Basically, if you're this game's Fakemon designer, you need to improve your drawing. Like, a lot. And I don't really see where you got the idea "I think I'm improving." I'm not trying to be mean or put you down or anything, but there was definitely not enough time for you to have practiced and improved between that drawing and the last one you posted. You have to practice more than a few days or weeks. Actually, there may be some improvement after weeks, but not very much improvement was made here...

    Practice, practice, practice, is all I can say here.
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