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    Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
    okay well I don't understand what is wrong with the anatomy, and the circles were just to give it some design. And if you hate my art that much, why are you still commenting on it?
    I'd like for you to point out where I said "liek ohemgee, i hatez ur artz. draw yer pitchurz liek ken sugomoree, n00b >." If you just go ahead and point that little segment of what I typed out for me, it'll really clear up why you're assuming I hate your art.

    Not once did I say I hated your art. You asked what was wrong with it, I told you. Look at Pokemon art, or Fakemon and you'll see that I meant the proportions aren't right for your drawing if you're going for a dragon Fakemon. THAT'S what's wrong with the anatomy.

    Assuming someone hates your art just because they don't patronize you and say "OH WOW, YOUR DRAWING IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT 8D" is not the way you improve the drawing. I was giving constructive criticism, and seeing as you're in the Drawing Board section, criticism is to be expected. To answer your butthurt sounding question: I'm commenting on it to try and help you improve it. Now goodnight or goodday, or whatever it is where you're at. I'mma go handle some other affairs for a while since I won't fall asleep for about another 2 hours from now at 4 am.
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