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Hm... Turns out, the checkflag routine (the actual one that does the calculations) is run a lot of times in the OW (I know, duh, the people event flags) so I got the flag location (or at least, the memory pointer to it). In Emerald, it's at the address pointed at by 0x03005D8C plus 0x1270.
Now, I have to find the bit that designates the badge flags..
EDIT: 0x0809C7EC in Emerald contains the surf-check-routine... at least for the tile. I'm not sure about the PKMN menu one.
EDIT2: 0x081B54E8 (again, in Emerald) contains the badge-check-routine for the menu. I'm trying to find out where the numbers to add to the first badge are obtained from...
EDIT3: Well, apparently they're loaded from 0x02000020, but I can't find how it gets the value...
Anybody, feel free to help me out with this. :/
EDIT4: Well, I hacked the routine and made it load different flag numbers for each of the old badge+base number. And it works! :D
To get all of the flags to work out on the field, however, you'll need to edit all of the scripts for, say, Rock Smash, Strength, and Cut so that they have the new flags. And then you'll need to hack the surf routine, like I said above.
Also, with the Set Disobedience findings, all we need to control the badges completely is to find out where the Attack/Defense... stats are increased.Even though that doesn't matter much, it would still be cool to be able to control the badges completely.

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