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Okey dokey, here're the fire bunnies you asked for:

Currently called Firabbit - AceDragon is a good namer, he'll prolly come up with a better name, I'm counting on ya Ace! xD
EDIT: Okay, the official name now is: Harepyro

Currently called Rabbiflare - You can keep it or change it, but it sounds veeery similar to another bunny (ice bunny) fakemon I made called Rabbifrost...hope ya don't mind, and if you do - change the name.
EDIT: Official name for this guy: Rabblaze

EDIT: Thank you Ace for the awesome names! xD
Wasn't sure if the sprites were supposed to be 64x64 or 80x80 but I did them in 80x80 format since Ace's first sprite was in 80x80 format, so yah!

Hope they're okay.