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Hoenn Journal 3

OK, I know I missed my journal yesterday, but that's because I was so tired after everything that happened. I'll do my best to remember everything that I did.

-Left Mauville to the north
-Crushed the Winstrate family
-Hurt my eyes in a desert sandstorm and had to turn back
-Found a cable car being blocked off by people in red hoodies
-Detoured through Fiery Path (Why is it spelled that way?)
-Walked through mounds of ash
-Caught a Skarmory for Fly later; nicknamed it Glalie
-Arrived in Fallarbor Town
-Saw some chick named Lanette on the computer
-Found out she helped create the PC system
-Also found out that Team Magma was here
-Visited Lanette at her house
-Entered Meteor Falls
-Found Team Magma and watched them steal a meteorite and get chased off by Team Aqua
-Exited Meteor Falls towards Rustboro City
-Traveled through the Verdanturf Tunnel, then headed to Mauville and back to the cable lift from before
-Took the cable car to the top of Mt. Chimney
-Found Team Aqua and Team Magma fighting all over the place
-Aqua Leader Archie tells me to beat the Magma Leader
-Find Magma Leader Maxie doing something with a strange machine and a meteorite
-Listen as he babbles his whole plan to himself
-Interrupt him for a battle
-BATTLE: Not too challenging, Mightyena fell to Metal Claw, Camerupt fell to Psychic and Pursuit, and Zubat was defeated by Confusion
-Both Aqua and Magma goons and leaders vanished
-Snagged the meteorite
-Went down Jagged Pass
-Made it to Lavaridge
-Entered the Gym
-Made it to Flannery
-Got mixed up by her wishy-washy intro
-BATTLE: Psychic this, Psychic that, Psychic everything
-Slugma and Numel were OHKOs, Camerupt and Torkoal were THKOs, though Torkoal nearly took Psycho out
-Received the Heat Badge

-Ran into May on the way out
-Got the Go-Goggles from her
-May informed me that Petalburg's Gym was ready for new challengers
-Rested for the night

See? There's a lot there. And here are today’s events:

-Explored the desert
-Returned to Petalburg
-Entered the Gym
-Beat every room, even though I had no need to
-Got to Norman's room
-BATTLE: Metal Claw was the MVP this time
-Landed a Critical on Spinda, Vigoroth fainted after two hits and an attack raise, Slaking went down with a Metal Claw, two Pursuits, and a Metal Claw, in that order, and Linoone fell after a single Metal Claw
-Got the Balance Badge

-Was interrupted by Wally's dad, who thanked me for helping Wally
-Did some training; Psycho evolved into a Metagross
-Was forced into another double battle and Ivysaur (Marill) leveled up on accident and evolved
-Its nickname will still be Ivysaur, however
-Explored the Abandoned Ship
-Found it to be not so abandoned
-Went to Mauville and talked to Wattson
-Went to the New Mauville generator and shut it down
-Received TM 24 from Wattson for shutting off the generator
-Did more training

And that's all. I would've headed for the next town or city, but I heard it was a long trip away, and the day was almost over. So that's all for now, until later.

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