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    ooh, my turn!
    im gonna do ledian!
    bleah, its... awkward. like the head got turned forward.

    Cool pose, but its discolored.

    Uhh... Its nice, but the second frame is awful. small eyes, large lower half of face, etc. Also one foot bigger than other.

    I like this one, but i dont see why legs need to be held back.

    Same as R/S, but i like the animation. simple, not vibrating or shrinking like other emerald animations.

    I like the animation in this one, this is probably the best.

    Huh. This one's is different than the rest. Ledian's standing. Also, he/she's making a cool-ish warrior pose that doesnt work on a pokemon like Ledian.

    Best one is D/P/Pt
    moved to 649, see you there!
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