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    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    I got finished playing the beta yesterday. Why doesn't Charmander learn Metal Claw anymore?
    He never learned it in R/G/B/Y. The point of the starters that Squirtle is easy because it learns a damaging elemental attack earlier than the others, Bulbasaur is medium because you have to work harder for it to learn Vine Whip, and Charmander is hard because you have a disadvantage. They completely ruined that in FR/LG.

    If Brock is hard, do what you did in Gen I: Either catch a Mankey, or catch a Caterpie (which will know Confusion as a Butterfree)

    Also, you mentioned Misty was hard: There are three somewhat good Grass Pokemon obtainable other than Bulbasaur. Head for Route 5 to catch Bellsprout, which will already know Vine Whip. Or you could look in Route 24 and you'll find Sunkern, and I've placed a Sun Stone on Route 25 so you can evolve Sunkern. Also you can catch Oddish on Route 25.

    Are Psyduck and Horsea references to the anime?
    Hell no. I hate the anime, and you'll never see a single anime reference in this hack. And that's also why if you play as Green, you'll never see Red with a Pikachu in the pseudo-rival fights. I gave Misty a Psyduck because it's a somewhat decent water Pokemon, and I gave her a Horsea because if you're not careful you could get owned by Dragon Rage. Originally I was going to give her Vaporeon, but then I decided that's a little too hard with it's defenses.

    When the time comes to do "Pokemon Saga - HeartGold", one of the things I will do is change Red's team to the team he has in DarkViolet if he started with Charmander. That means bye bye Pikachu! (And I'm also going to make Blue's team the team he has in DarkViolet if he started with Squirtle)

    The last time I watched the anime was in 2002, and I don't remember her having a Horsea at all. Wasn't her team something like Staryu, Goldeen, and Togepi? Nobody has to answer that question because I don't really care.