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Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
And Pokemon Yellow is based off the anime. So Red's Pikachu = Pokemon Yellow = Anime = ew.

EDIT: I'm just letting you guys know that all doors have their animation fixed now, which you can see in Beta 2. I've changed my mind, there won't be a Beta 1.1, sorry...
Also originally I was planning on Beta 2 going up to Celadon, while Beta 3 going up to Saffron, but I've changed my mind, I've merged Beta 2 and 3. Therefore, Beta 2 will go all the way to Saffron (that's 6 badges!), so don't expect another Beta release for quite a while. Then Beta 3 will have the Pokemon League and Sevii Islands. Sometime after Beta 2 is out, I will begin working on Pokemon Jade, and I plan on releasing the final versions of DarkViolet and Jade on the same day.
The manga was made BEFORE the anime, therefore it should be Red's Pikachu = Pokemon Yellow = Anime = Rip off of the manga.