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Wow, you've got some perseverance, Koldsned. Way to go, and good luck on run number 2!

Anyway, before I do my update, I'd like to post a disclaimer. I am sorry to dragon0fangz that I chose the same Pokémon line as you, but it was not because I was copying you. I didn't even know that anyone was doing a Metang run when I started. I chose Beldum - Metagross because I felt it would be a challenging run, and because I've never used a Metagross on any of my teams before. Please do not be upset with me, I did not intend to copy you.

Now for the update:

Hoenn Log 4

More bullets with more stuff from yesterday and today are ahead. I think I'm just gonna keep writing in this journal every other day.

-Left from Mauville
-Crossed a river and headed north
-Ran into Steven and talked about raising Pokémon
-Caught a Manectric for Flash and Strength slave; nicknamed it Caterpie
-Wound up the loooooong path to find Team Aqua grunts and a building
-Entered the building, which was a weather institute, and saw that it was swarmed with Aquas
-Beat them all and rescued the scientists
-Met up with May again and had a quick battle
-BATTLE: Pelipper down after Psychic, same for Combusken and Lombre
-After May left, the Scott dude showed up again and talked about me beating May
-Finally entered Fortree City
-Tried to go to the Gym, but something invisible was in the way
-Headed out to the east for training
-Ran into Steven again
-Steven showed me the Devon Scope and revealed an invisible obstacle to be a Kecleon
-Borrowed the Devon Scope and scared off the Kecleon in front of the Gym
-Entered the Gym
-Rotated my way through all the puzzles
-Got dizzy once or twice
-Reached Winona and started the battle
-BATTLE: Swablu and Tropius fell with one hit from Metal Claw, Altaria from two, Skarmory required two Psychics, and Pelipper only needed one
-Received the Feather Badge

-Left the Gym and got a call from Scott

And today:
-Left Fortree towards the east and followed the trail as it turned south
-Realized how much I hate the moves Detect, Protect, and Fake Out
-Also discovered how much I despise double battles
-Followed the path as it turned back to east, then saw a bunch of Team Aqua goons heading for a place they called Mt. Pyre
-Tailed them to said place
-Followed them up the mountain to the peak
-Saw Archie snag the Red Orb and found out that Maxie had already gotten the Blue Orb
-Found a Magma Emblem that Team Magma accidentally left behind
-Continued on to Lillycove City
-Ran into May yet again standing in front of the Department Store
-She told me there was great shopping there and asked for another battle
-BATTLE: Tropius fell to Metal Claw, and Combusken, Ludicolo, and Pelipper fell to Psychic
-May said she'd be going home to Littleroot and she'd be trying to complete her PokéDex
-Noticed Aqua goons all around
-Found their secret hideout
-Couldn't get past the guards, though they told me about their hideout at Mt. Chimney
-Flew to Mt. Chimney
-Found Magma Hideout with the Magma Emblem
-Traveled deeper and deeper into the Hideout and learned about their plans
-Tried to stop Maxie from waking Groudon, but was too late
-Groudon disappeared, and Maxie battled me
-BATTLE: Mightyena fell to Metal Claw easily, Camerupt fainted after Psychic, and so did his Crobat
-Maxie ran away and I couldn't follow him well enough and lost him
-Headed back to the Aqua Hideout and found out that Archie had gone to Slateport for something
-Flew to Slateport and witnessed Archie steal Capt. Stern's submarine
-Returned to the Aqua Hideout
-Entered and rediscovered my hatred of teleporters
-Found the stolen sub, but was too late to stop it

I would've liked to get to Mossdeep City and battle the Gym Leader, but I when I got caught up in this Magma/Aqua mess, it took too much time. I'll hit Mossdeep tomorrow.


And once again, I'm very sorry, dragon0fangz. I didn't mean to offend you or discourage you.
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