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    Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post

    Agreed, anyway that is the future, right, and the sequel, so should we discuss the current game? (And what are you giving him instead? Is he keeping Snorlax, as he replaced it with Lapras in HG/SS, didn't he?)
    To find out part of Red's team, download Beta 1, play as Green, and pick Squirtle.

    Now, have I said my opinion... I think what you are doing is beyond what is needed. In a good way. Most hackers strive for uniqueness, you are doing it by doing what Nintendo did, but better. Should be interesting (seeing as they built FR from the Ruby engine)
    lol, to tell you the truth, way back in October 09, this was going to be a FireRed hack. But then I decided that there has to be animated battle sprites and a Battle Frontier, since Emerald (which I'm renaming to Jade), Platinum, and HeartGold have one. Besides, HG/SS were built off of Platinum, so I guess it is interesting to see what a Kanto game built off of Emerald would have been like.

    But I'm also doing Pokemon Saga to make the games kinda "connect". I noticed that FR/LG seems the most dated, for instance:

    *Only 2 main characters. R/S/E has Brendan, May, and Wally. D/P/Pt has Lucas, Dawn, and Barry. HG/SS has Ethan, Lyra, and Emoguy. Unfortunately, FR/LG just had 2 main characters, since the opposite gender character wasn't in the game at all. That's why I chose to make a pseudo-rival in DarkViolet.

    *Team Rocket doesn't have proper admins/executives/commanders (in FR/LG). Well, let's see, in R/S/E, the Magma Admins are Courtney and Tabitha. The Aqua Admins are Matt and Shelly. In D/P/Pt, the Galactic Commanders are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Charon. In HG/SS, they named the unamed executives from G/S/C, which became Proton, Petrel, Ariana, and Archer. In FR/LG, you fight no admins during the main storyline, and the only admins were those unamed ones in the Rocket Warehouse on Five Island, and they had similar teams to the final two executives in G/S/C (which were renamed to Ariana and Archer in HG/SS).

    After finding that out, I realized that Ariana and Archer actually appear in FR/LG, but they were unamed. SO, I decided to include them in DarkViolet, but I actually gave them proper sprites, plus I'm going to have you fight them during the main Kanto portion of the storyline. Since the Hoenn games have 2 admins per team, I decided to only include Ariana and Archer in DarkViolet. Petrel and Proton will make cameo appearances as Grunts part of the Silph Co invasion.

    Um... I guess I strayed from the topic too much lol