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Hey! Am i registered or not?

I m new to this so dont know how it works?

Ok if Im registered then heres my update

1st Gym
-Started the solo run with Chimchar
-Defeated my rival easily
-Caught Bidoof as a HM slave
-Got to Jubilife City
-Trained Chimchar to level 10
-Again defeated my rival
-Chimchar evolved into Monferno
-Got to Oreburgh City
-Challenged the Oreburgh Gym with level 20 Monferno
-Defeated Roark Very easily by using Mach Punch.
-Got my 1st Badge

2nd Gym
-Went to Jubilife City
-Fought the Galactic Grunts
-Reached Floarama Town
-Cleared Team Galaxy
-Got to Eterna Forest
-Met Cheryl
-Passed through the Eterna Forest
-Got to Eterna City
-Challenged the Eterna Gym
-Defeated Gardenia with level 30 Monferno
-Got my 2nd Badge