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    Originally Posted by Koldsned View Post
    Anywho, thanks and good luck on your run as well!
    Thanks! I'm hoping I can join you up there on that champion list shortly!

    And now, onto the update.

    Hoenn Log 5

    Lotsa stuff happened today and yesterday. And the way it happened made the days seem to run together into one.

    First, here are yesterday’s events:

    -Left Lillycove and surfed all the way to Mossdeep
    -Roamed around Mossdeep a bit
    -Decided to hit the route to the north for some training
    -Explored Shoal Cave
    -Returned to Mossdeep
    -Entered the Gym
    -Found teleporters, spinning tiles, and double battles
    -Concluded that this is my least favorite Gym ever
    -Found out that there were two Leaders and my distaste for this Gym grew
    -Talked to the twisted twins (try saying that five times fast) and began the battle
    -BATTLE: Double battles suck, luckily the HM slaves seemed to draw away the twins' fire
    -Shadow Balled Claydol and Xatu, Metal Clawed Solrock and Lunatone
    -Received the Mind Badge

    -Took the quick teleport out of there
    -Saw a bunch of Magma goons heading to the Space Center, led by Maxie
    -Went to the Space Center and beat the goons, learning that they were going to steal the rocket fuel from an intent to steal notice

    Just throwing this in here, but who the hell leaves an 'intent to steal' notice? *facepalm*

    -Was ambushed by three goons on the second floor, but beat them all off
    -Found Steven, Maxie, and his right hand man talking about why Magma needs rocket fuel, and it turns out they wanted to blow up Mt. Chimney
    -Jumped into a double battle with Steven against Maxie and Tabitha
    -BATTLE: I still hate double battles, but Steven wasn't too bad; his Metang's Light Screen and Reflect were very useful
    -Tabitha's Camerupt fell to Psychic from Psycho, as did his Golbat; both Mightyena fainted after a solid Metal Claw to each from Psycho; Maxie's Camerupt fell exactly how Tabitha's did; and finally Maxie's Crobat fainted after a Psychic from Steven's Metang
    -Maxie suddenly started questioning their goals and Team Aqua's goals and left
    -Steven thanked me for my help and gave me HM 08, Dive
    -Taught Dive to Ivysaur
    -Remembered Team Aqua and the submarine, as well as Capt. Stern's discovery of the underwater cavern on Route 128
    -Headed that way immediately
    -Traveled down to Route 128 and dove underwater to find a cave entrance
    -Saw the stolen sub and surfaced into a cave
    -Noticed that the cavern was crawling with Aqua goons
    -Fought my way to the deepest area of the cave, where I found a statue in a large pool of water
    -Archie arrived and told me that it was the Pokémon Kyogre, then battled me to force me to leave
    -BATTLE: Archie wasn't that hard at all; Mightyena fell to Metal Claw, Crobat fainted after Psychic, and Sharpedo couldn't stand up to Meteor Mash
    -Archie shrugged off the loss and brought out the Red Orb, which suddenly began glowing, awakening Kyogre
    -Kyogre vanished and Archie received a message from the surface that the rains they planned Kyogre to unleash were far worse than imagined
    -Archie and I were rushed to the surface by Maxie, who showed up out of nowhere
    -Outside, the rain was hard and driving; then, out of nowhere, it would get extremely bright and sunny, even though my watch said it was near 10:00 PM
    -Archie and Maxie were horrified by what they did and they ran off to try and stop it
    -Steven flew in and told me that the huge rain cloud was centered over Sootopolis City and flew off to check it out
    -Surfed to Sootopolis and found the underwater entrance
    -Surfaced and found Kyogre and Groudon fighting in the bay
    -Saw Maxie and Archie trying to calm the two with the orbs
    -Met up with Steven who brought me to the Cave of Origin to meet someone named Wallace
    -Wallace told me about Rayquaza and that it might be able to stop Kyogre and Groudon
    -Remembered that May was near Pacifidlog Town and saw a huge flying Pokémon
    -Left Sootopolis and traveled to Pacifidlog as quickly as I could
    -Found Sky Pillar and met up with Wallace, who unlocked the door to the tower
    -Climbed the tower and found Rayquaza resting at the top
    -As I approached it, it awoke and flew off
    -Flew back to Sootopolis to see what was happening
    -Watched as Rayquaza appeared and calmed the two Pokémon
    -All three suddenly disappeared, and the weather returned to normal
    -Noticed that the time was way past midnight
    -Archie and Maxie had disappeared, but I figured that seeing the whole battle made them realize that what they were doing was wrong and that neither team would continue to exist
    -Talked to Steven, who figured Maxie and Archie went to return the orbs
    -Talked to Wallace and was thanked for saving the region with HM 07
    -Decided to rest for now, seeing how late it was

    And now, today's events:

    -Woke up around noon, which is unusually late for me
    -Entered the Gym
    -Carefully walked over the thin ice, solving each puzzle with ease
    -Made it to the Gym Leader, Juan, and challenged him to a battle
    -BATTLE: Luvdisc, Whiscash, and Sealo fainted from Psychic, Crawdaunt took a Meteor Mash to KO, and Kingdra took a Psychic before it fainted
    -Received the Rain Badge

    -Flew to Mt. Pyre to see if Maxie and Archie had returned the orbs
    -Approached the top to see Maxie and Archie walking away
    -Talked to the pair at the peak to find that Maxie and Archie came on their own and returned the orbs
    -Flew to Sootopolis once more
    -Trained for the rest of the day

    Yeah, not much happened today, mainly because of how late I woke up. But I did stay up late last night to stop Kyogre and Groudon, so I didn't want to get up too early. Anyways, that's all for now.

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