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    Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
    wow I didn't know you could sprite that well (well I knew you could draw..but)
    Were those done in
    Haha, cause I was never able to sprite well when I worked in Pokemon Opal (Still working, just not seeing any progress there so I'm kinda demotivated). xD
    Anyway, yeah - they were done in Paint.NET

    Anyway, here're the Grass birds ya asked for (@ Pichuichu):

    Parrileaf...Ace - help me out here! xD

    I really, really need help with the naming. xD
    Haha, don't even know why it's called Parrcopter...Helicopter? xD

    Anyway - hope ya like em - cause Parrcopter took me like 1 hour 30 mins.