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    Ok so I beat Kanto it was much easier then I though it would be, practically had my finger glued to the fast ford button. Anyway the only problem I had was with Evolving the beldum, seen as I suck at entering cheats and couldn't get the national dex I had to use A-map to get the evolution when it was meant to happen, e.g. when beldum got to lvl 20 I placed Metangs in the route I was in (lvl 20 ones) and cuaght one same for Metagross
    (Wall of text spoiler)
    -Started the game
    -Choose starter (Beldum)
    -Beat rival
    -Delivered package to oak
    -Caught pidgey for HM slave
    -Beat brock(with takedown obviously)
    -Entered Mt Moon
    -Caught Geodude for HM slave
    -Beldum evolved into Metang
    -Entered Cerulean
    -Beat Rival
    -Beat Misty with Confusion
    -Boarded S.S. Anne
    -Bet Rival
    -left S.S. Anne
    -Cuaght Meowth for HM salve
    -Beat LT. Surge
    -Entered rock tunnel( god I hate flash tunnels)
    -Entered Lavender town
    Log 2
    -Went to Celadon
    -Destroyed Erika with psychic
    -Got HM fly
    -Went through Team Rockets game corner base
    -Got a bike
    -Entered Pokemon tower
    -Evolved metang into Metagross
    -Helped Mr Fugi
    -Entered silph co.
    -Beat Rival
    -Got given a lapras and named not wanted, then realized that it can be used to surf XD
    -Beat Giovanni
    -Beat sabrina with Pursuit
    -Made it to fuchsia town
    -KO'ED Koga with Psychic
    Log 3
    -Went to cannibar
    -Did stupid burnt mansion
    -Beat Blaine
    -Went with bill to one island
    -Stopped bikers on three island
    -Beat up a Hypno for a little girl -.-
    -Went to vermillion
    -KO'ed Giovanni with meteor mash and psychic
    -Beat rival
    -Got through victory road
    -Beat lorelie with meteor mash
    -Beat bruno with psychic and meteor mash
    -Beat Agatha with psychic
    -Beat lance with meteor mash
    -Beat rival using combination
    -Got my name down in the hall of fame
    -Challenge complete

    And my team by the end(nicknames a stupid they where meant to be):
    Metagross, LVL74
    Hm slave:Meowth(Scratchey. ,I like it more then geodude) LVL 10
    Hm slave 2:Lapras( Not wanted, damn give away)
    Hm slave 3: Pidgey(Pidgey...., I couldn't think of anything)
    In my box:
    My first Beldum
    My metang
    A hitmonchan named hitter....
    A nidoran(female) an paras I accidentally caught in safari zone
    HM slave: Geodude named Rocky....

    Now for some pics(not in any order BTW)

    anyway Next is SS for my "Second" region
    Completed challenges:

    Ultimate solo run with Kabutops

    Current challenges:
    Ultimate solo run with Nidoking, [K][J][H][S][U]
    Black part of solo rune with Kabutops

    Evidently I like solo challenges

    Metagross and salamence fan