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    3rd Gym

    -Went to Galactic Headquarters
    -Defeated everybody in there bcuz I don’t like evil.
    -Received an egg (Excited whats Gonna hatch although I cant use that :D )
    -Got my Bicycle and went to cycling road
    -Fought with everybody there
    -Whats that the eggs hatching ……….. Wow a togepi (so cute)
    -While going to Hearthome City my Monferno evolved into Infernape
    -Took part in contest just for fun and won that too (I have a habit of winning )
    -Challenged Hearthome Gym’s Gym leader Fantina w/ Infernape lvl 38 and won super easily
    -And that my Third badge

    Current team

    Infernape Level 39

    -Close Combat
    -Mach Punch
    -Flame Wheel

    Bidoof Level 3

    -Rock Smash

    Togepi Level 1