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Houndoom run of Ruby has began! :D

Just beaten the second Gym, annoyingly Doom is weak to the first 2 Gyms so I had to make use of a flashy Egg Move I put on for the Rock Gym and amazingly Ember Burned both of Brawly's Pokémon on the firs hit, greatly crippling them .

Here's the Team:

Mehh I dunno how you insert and image on this forum .

Luckily, I got Flash Fire AND a Timid Nature :D No hacking involved in that, just good fortune .

~ Ember
~ Leer
~ Counter
~ Reversal

The last 2 moves are Egg Moves, I saw that they were allowed and thought that I might as well put them on as I feel they will be useful - Counter owned the Rock Gym already :D .

Zigzagoon, Seedot and Taillow are (or will be) HM slaves .
Challenges Completed:
~Pokémon Yellow Mono Rock Run
~Pokémon Ruby Mono Ground Run

~Pokémon Crystal Mono Flying Run
~Pokémon Ruby Solo Run (Houndoom)

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