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Okay, I found out it's not GraphicsGale that saves palettes in a wrong way, instead it's A-map which interprets the colors completely wrong, hence the darkened colors. I have now kind of found a way to prevent AdvanceMap to ruin your palette. You should use .ACT as your palette saving format. Now, since neither GraphicsGale nor IrfanView are able to save palettes in .ACT format, you should first save the palette as .PAL. Next, open it up with this program: PaletteEditor (Direct Download) or any other palette editing program. Save the palette as .ACT and load it in A-map. As simple as that.

However, it doesn't really help as long as this happens...

If someone knows/finds out how to fix this, I would really appreciate it. If I need to give more info or screens just say.
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