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Hey, I think I'll try Nidoran♀ > Nidoqueen on yellow please.
I've got a feeling this is going to be tough.. ach well.

Okay I just went ahead and started this because I'm bored
~Did the starting stuff, named myself Yellow & my rival Blue, how original.
~Ran out into the grass, but got stopped by prof oak who then caught a random pikachu.
~Went back to the lab.. blah blah.. got pikachu, didnt bother renaming it.
~Did the parcel thing and got the map from Blue's sister.
~Went up to Route 22 & caught a Nidoranand named her Gaia (after the greek godess off the earth).
~Trained Gaia up to level 10 before heading off into the viridian forest.

Gaia / Nidoran

Level 10