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Breaking the fourth wall again, huh?

“I was taking pictures of Pokémon,” the reporter replied as water dripped from her clothing and hair to the ground – she didn’t seem to mind a bit however. “But as you are here, I need to ask you a few questions so our readers know what has happened regarding the plot since the last chapter which has been all too long ago.”
Oh, reporters.

“Espeon esp? Es-esp espeon!” (Have you forgotten I’m not exactly allowed to go about ordering people to walk into jail? This fic-err, whole thing with Cipher would have ended by now if that was the case!)
Maybe it would be better that way so that you don't go updating the fic again in eight months time. *gets shot*

Have to say, interesting developments of Miror B there. Looks like he's really going to take manners in his own hands now. Very sly of him to lie Skrub about the favorites part, haha. Also I love his reaction to that Right Round song. I hate that song too. XD

The part where the reporters came and Entei burned Duncan's lawn I love it. Also, today (well my time at least) is the real Duncan's birthday, so unlucky his lawn got on fire.

I actually feel sorry for Mirakle B there. Not able to land a hit there. Furret could have battled though, but I guess it didn't because it was clueless? XD

Real quick, there's one mistake I saw:

“Skarrrr!” (I hate the flowersssss!) he cried and gave a loud screech, before flying faster than before.
I think the first "before" should be ridden of.

Well, things are getting interesting now. Looking forward to the Underground segment of this story!