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    Originally Posted by Jm20 View Post
    Maybe you can help me any further...? I recolored my custom tileset in the colors of Palette0 in Pallet Town trough importing the palette in GraphicsGale and thus generating a custom tileset in the colors of the default tileset in FireRed.
    Then I imported the tileset in Amap, and the following happens: :paranoid:

    Any further action, like trying to edit the blocks, results in blank tiles and blocks, both in the maps as in the block-bank and tileset... (Most commonly in colors green, blue and black.) See picture few posts earlier.

    It happens with every single tileset I import. Even when I load the default ingame tileset (which I had exported a second before) it crashes. I honestly think it is something with AdvanceMap, but on the other hand, many hackers succeeded in inserting custom tilesets...

    PS: Could it be something with animated tiles? I have kept most animated tiles original, but not for example doors etc.. Could this be the problem?

    PPS: Thanks to AdvancePaletteEditor by HackMew palette editing and inserting is no problem anymore whatsoever. However, the AdvanceMap .PAL format is distinctively different from the 'common' .PAL format. No other program than A-map accepts this different .PAL file.
    Not many use GraphicsGale. It isn't to do with Animations. It is probably how you are doing it. Try NOT using Graphics Gale, manually reolouring your new tiles to fit the old Tileset, loading that in Advance Map, and using the Pallette Editor in Advance Map to redo the pallette. I think the key mistake you are using is not using AdvanceMaps in-built pallette editor.

    Before trying this method, redo yours, (Indexing the tileset, copy and pasting the new tile in), but do not change the pallette, then load the tileset in Advance Map, then do the pallette in Advance Map. If that doesn't work, then try the method I mentioned earlier.

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