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    Originally Posted by brokenxnote View Post
    That...truly would be quite a terrible idea.

    I think the only person who's EVER put Fakemon out for public use was Cascadegonpory, and they were ones he had no use for at all anymore anyway, and he STILL wanted credit. If tnguye put his up for public use HERE...have you SEEN what an unnerving chunk of our newly joined members sound like, or how they think? You know, those ones that never bothered to read the rules...or think logically. Poor tnguye would get absolutely no credit, and that's if he were lucky enough to not have someone TAKE credit...

    He'd be better off making his own game or just being an official member of a design team and only releasing his Fakemon for use by teams that he's officially a member of. He's quite an up and coming talent in Fakemon and spriting, so it'd be pretty damn sad to see him release public fakes this early, having all kinds of work floating around being uploaded by other random people to God-knows where, and being used by God-knows-who.

    Public Fakemon = no. Being a Fakemon artist myself, I can say I would never EVER do that, just because people rarely think about the artist actually wanting credit for something they put their hard work into.

    EDIT: Oh crap, I off topic ranted...

    ON TOPIC, I just re-read the storyline, and I know it says the story is only 30% done, but does your "best friend" actually have a REASON for telling your parents? I mean, considering the situation, it seems like a pretty...non-friendly thing to do, unless you meant to say your parents MAKE him tell them where you've gone. But from the way it's written, it sounds like the guy just runs back to town like "HEY, GUESS WHAT ______ DID! TEEHEE." lol. I hope he has a bit of a better reason than that lol.
    Your best friend is one of those friends who looks out for you and cares for your safety, they're not a little snitching toddler lol. They tell your parents, since your parents can alert the ranger base and you can get found sooner. Your friend actually becomes your rival throughout the story. Although your Rival is a ranger, they have strong Pokemon, but no intentions of battling other than to get you to return home once they defeat you and you realize your mistake. Also Tnguye3 is part of the ND team and his fakemon/ the fakemon concepts he improves are not for public use (unless he wants them to be). Also I believe CascadeGonpory got pretty pissed.
    CascadeGonpory's rant about fakemon askers, and thieves:

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