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    Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
    Your best friend is one of those friends who looks out for you and cares for your safety, they're not a little snitching toddler lol. They tell your parents, since your parents can alert the ranger base and you can get found sooner. Your friend actually becomes your rival throughout the story. Although your Rival is a ranger, they have strong Pokemon, but no intentions of battling other than to get you to return home once they defeat you and you realize your mistake. Also Tnguye3 is part of the ND team and his fakemon/ the fakemon concepts he improves are not for public use (unless he wants them to be). Also I believe CascadeGonpory got pretty pissed.
    CascadeGonpory's rant about fakemon askers, and thieves:
    Oh ok. It just seems kind of odd that he lets you go, then goes and tells on you. Plus, in this game, you seem to be the appropriate age to go out and be a trainer? So how is this a dangerous mistake? Returning you home would basically crush your dreams Just seems like some parts of the plot may need to be clarified so the rival doesn't seem like a jerk lol.

    And yes, that's exactly what I meant. Even after he put stuff out for the public, people still kept taking things that WEREN'T for public use, which pissed him off. But it'd piss off ANY artist to have that happen. That's why I think he may have been the only Fakemon artist to ever release a public set, unless it was a character adoption sort of thing, which only go to one person lol.
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