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Originally Posted by rm2kdude View Post
Thanks, I actually just finished the idle poses. I'm pretty sure pixeling for 640X480 or even 512X446(double snes) is hard and I can agree with that.. First off you need to make sure you're sprite is at least 42 pixels in height if it's an adult..and like 39-40 for female. Children you can probably sprite normally at X X 32.

Well here's the 4 idle sprites, I haven't decided the frames for animation but even if it's like rmxp I'll make it very smooth.

If anything spriting is pretty easy an relaxing up until.. you get the left/right sprites and those can be damn challenging.. but here's some tips.
Make sure the arm length is the same for ALL sprites and that they appear to be right in every direction, I've seen some sprites that just fail at this.. now the left sprites can be done with just 1 leg standing out and that's fine but, the way I did it was to make it more realistic. This is how I've seen EVERYONE stand when they're in this direction, heck I used my cousin as a friggin reference!

I should have the animations done soon!
^longest post ever!

Really, lol? Well, they look great, can't wait for the whole thing.
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