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Originally Posted by PEPITO1O1O View Post
Well I can't map because school started yesterday (NOOO) and I'm not that good at mapping yet.
But I can give you a link to someone who can do world maps:
Oh and I can do banners if you want.
Thanks, and you are now the OFFICIAL banner maker.

Originally Posted by Rickk12345 View Post
Username: Rickk12345
Nickname: Eh, the same? Rickk12345
Position Wanted: scripter
Proof of Work: I haven't made any serious hacks, just some testing, but I can do all the basic scripts, plus applymovement and stuff. And I'm still learning.
Contact info: PM and MSN (I'll give you over PM)
Time on PC: Pretty much during the whole day
cool, just show me a basic script and you're in.

Originally Posted by sean777 View Post
I could do some mapping pm me for proof
Alright, I know you're proof, so you don't need any. You're in.

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