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    Originally Posted by Starrmyt View Post
    To be perfectly honest, Johnny's first post [yesterday at 8:25 EST] was rather normal. It was AceDragonite who started the whole nonsensical posting. I wouldnt want to wrongly demonize Johnny this time for something he did a little while back on the thread.

    Though I really didnt see the point of either image that was posted. Especially because AceDragonite was the one to say "Don't Say Anything" and then comes around with a giant image that was "saying something". :/

    Anyway, my vote goes for fire.
    I was gonna point that out too. Johnny made a normal post [although there WAS some stuff about a demo at the end, but that was only in response to someone else, to close the point off.], and Ace instigated. Now, as long as Johnny's complaining about the demo again, I'll make fun of him etc. in a heartbeat, cuz that's obnoxious. But when someone STOPS doing the thing that bothers people and tries to actually contribute positively, and then someone comes along and restarts the whole mess again, then it becomes unfair, and I'll take Johnny's side on this one. That was unnecessary, Ace.

    By the way, Star, I was the one who said "don't say anything else because it'll throw the thread off topic." Ace was actually the one commenting after me saying "Screw brokenxnote, I'm gonna reply."...and I mean that's literally what was said, not a paraphrasing ;_; LOL. Although I actually did end up replying again later, but just telling Johnny to calm down and just wait patiently, to see whether a demo will come out or not...after poking a little fun at him...teehee lol.

    TL;DR: Good boy Johnny :D, bad boy Ace > lmao.
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