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    Bleach 417 Decide 19 (Don't read this if you don't want to spoiler your excitement.)

    Ichigo checks to see if everyone's alright. Aizen makes a comment " Is that you kurosaki ichigo? I cannot sense your reiatsu, your evolution was fail" Ichigo says he doesn't want to fight here. (Keigo and the rest are like wtf? xD) And Gin, still talks! :D He's alive~ :D "Yeah, you've developed a strong eye. I'm glad. If that's what you've become I can leave things to you." -Gin. Ichigo suddenly tackles Aizen. Aizen is shocked by the considerable force Ichigo now possesses.. till next chapter..

    I was disappointed. i thought the "decide arc ended" and they'll be going back to HM. Still Gin is still alive so I'm happy :D