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    Originally Posted by Tower Tycoon Palmer View Post
    I take it from "Scripters (Please apply!!!!!)" that you may be wanting a scripter, maybe? >.>
    If so, then i'm happy to script for you. If, I can OW sprite.
    And about the groudon, you could do groudon with the black markings on it's arms/body filled blue like on the Ruby titlescreen or something?
    Alright, show me a basic script and an OW and you're in. Since you're my third scripter, we'll be done with new scripters for a while. I just wanted some scripters, since if we didn't get any we would be screwed considering I can't script worth crap.

    We need an OWer, even though I'm quite good at it. When you're done with you're OW sprites, Give them to me. I can edit them to my liking if they aren't good, but I sure that won't be happening.

    And [also] for the Groudon, Yeah, The markings will be filled with yellow instead.

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