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    Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
    I've searched the other ROM versions for it, and I have bad news:
    In Emerald, from 0x5536 forward affect the Boxes, and at Ruby, although not directly problematic, from 0x55a0 the variables aren't saved, and from 0x415c, you start overwriting names, sayings and Overworld data.
    This fact has made me think, how can we get usable, permanent variables? So, I've studied the FlashRom write routines, and found something interesting, and since I was on a multi-ROM streak, I confirmed it for Ruby, Fire Red and Emerald.
    So in an Emerald hack, is it okay to use any variable below 0x5536? And would a 100% safe way is to use 0x4050-0x40C0?
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