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Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
Ok, I finished a preliminary version of a replacement for the unsafe Variables. Depending on if you want, or not, to replace the Variable system, there are two features you can get.
First, the new block saved at the end of the Flash ROM, that contains 4096 bytes of usable, saveable space. That block is located at 0x0203e000 (as it seems free on both Fire Red and Emerald), and can be accessed alone by the use of the byte manipulating commands (in the 0x10 range).
Second, the ability to use that new area as Variables. The current solution destroys the access to the old ones, So if you're not OK with it, I'm sure we can work something out (after all, we still have 0x9000-0xffff to work with).
Installing informations are inside the Zip below, as well as the source code.

Before you go and install that directly in your Hack, I only tested it slightly. The save-load function alone is harmless, but the Variable one needs further testing. So, if you could, please test it in a normal ROM and see if it doesn't break anything.
The hack (the one that makes the new variables work) broke my ROM. I couldn't start the game (once I pressed Continue, it crashed), I couldn't load my save states (take one step, it freezes) and other stuff.
My ROM is Emerald.

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