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Originally Posted by shiny quagsire View Post
Would it be possible to extract the clock routine, edit some pointers, and reinsert it into fire red? It's been puzzling me for a while now :\
Nope, it's not easy like that. Either way, what clock routine are you talking about? There are actually many of them.

Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post
If you put the following you will have the same result :P Only do it for value 0xFF or lower. Otherwise use the lsl way.

080B0872 1C00     mov     r0,r0
Actually, it can be done even better. Instead of replacing the logical left shift with an "useless" instruction, it would be better to use an "add r1, #0x0". The way the original routine is made, will always multiply by 2 the Pokémon ID. With the add command instead you might want to do something like:

mov r1, #0xFF
add r1, #0xXX
Where XX would be an appropriate value for anything from Treecko onwards. Otherwhise, if you don't need anything below Celebi, then XX could simply be set to 00.

EDIT: BTW... even if you can choose any value with the above method, some Pokémon will just not work. There's a sort of check and AFAIK should be intended for legendary Pokémon only. You can eventually patch that (I remember I did it before, you might want to do a quick search).
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