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NOTICE:Tile spriter urgently needed. PM me for more details.

Author: The Cynic
Program Used: RMXP (w/ Poccil's Pokemon Essentials)
Language: English

  • The vibrant new region of Vicitalis filled with stunning locations, puzzling riddles and exciting challenges! Diverse cities include the cyberpunk Neonbright City, the wild-west oil/mining Drygulch City and the spooky Murkreek Town deep in the heart of the bayou.
  • New storyline! Explore the region, battle gym leaders, rescue the professor and solve the mystery of The Brotherhood and the powerful pokemon Vicitraho.
  • New Characters including Casey the protagonist, his friends Blaine and Louis, the reclusive Prof. Minkowski, his close friend Prof. Harding and
    and the enigmatic trainer Hope.
  • New Gym Leaders and Elite 4, each with unique pokemon startegies intended to make defeating them all the more challenging and fun!
  • Fun new activities! Snowboard down the daring pistes at Prestige Resort. Take your chances at the Monte Christo Casino. Take part in aquatic races in the bay of Tropica City. And take part in the ultimate knockout trainer tournament at the Futuretech Stadium in Aeonopolis City. Plus, pokemon contests return!
  • 101 new fakemon, including new evolutions and prevolutions for exsisting Pokemon, as well as Official Pokemon from all 5 generations.
  • Brand new moves including Ignition and Gamma Pulse.
  • Step on to the property ladder! Now, instead of a secret base, you will have the option to purchase property in the region. Fancy a rustic farmhouse in the middle of the Halcyon Plains? Or would you rather own a luxurious 99th-floor penthouse in the high-rises of Aeonopoils City? Perhaps you are the party type, in which case you might just settle down in the Presidential Suite in the Monte Cristo Casino.

Your name is Casey Sharp, you live with your mother Elaine in the quaint inlet village of Littlebeach Town and together you run the small, cosy Sunrise Inn. The town is at the Southern side of the sparsely inhabited Diluculo Island. Trainers will often stay at the inn, and when you were a young boy they would tell you tales of enthralling adventures in exotic locations with amazing pokemon and sparked your intrest in perhaps one day also becoming a trainer.

One day, when the local postal van breaks down, you are asked by the kind owners of the post office to deliver a parcel to the reclusive Prof. Minkowski who lives on his own in a cottage on Cape Infinity. Being such a good natured and courteous individual you of course oblige.

You make your way over to the western cape of the island with haste and carelessly tread through long grass. Suddenly a wild Pokemon appears out of nowhere and attacks you. Its claws manage to create a gash in the side of your leg and you fall to the ground subdued. Suddenly, a figure appears from behind the trees and commands his Pokemon to disperse your attacker swiftly.

Upon your rescue the figure reveals himslef to be none other than the enigma, Prof. Alexander Minkowski. He shows you to his cottage where he applies a dressing to your leg. At this point he notices you becoming very attached to the Pokemon that was used in your rescue. He asks you questions about your intrest in Pokemon, revealing that he used to be quite a trainer when he was younger. He decides that perhaps your future is as a trainer and offers you the Pokemon as a partner to your utmost delight.

Soon after you say farewell to your friends and to your mother and leave the island to fulfill your dreams of being a Pokemon Master! Shortly after this however, you here the news that the Prof. has been kidnapped and you feel that you must do whatever you can to find him and rescue him. You find yourself diving headfirst into an ocean of danger, conspiracy and betrayal.

~ Coming Soon ~

~ Coming Soon ~


Littlebeach Town
Freewharf Town
Southport City
Ode Town
Myrtle City
Wattsville City
Radiant City
Vestige City
Meadowranch Town
Everlanche City
Drygulch City
Sanctuary Town
Neonbright City
Rustshore City
Soulemn Town
Tropica City
Murkreek Town
Autumnleaf Town
Aeonopolis City


Cape Infinity
New Forest sawmill
Wattsville Dam
Lake Valient Geothermal Plant
Mt. Ardour
Terracotta Tomb
Vestige Catacombs
Amity Airfield
Howling Cave
Shiver Summit
Prestige Resort
Wintershore Tunnel
Abandonned Mine
Stormy Mesa Wind Farm
Ancient Pyramids
Relic Beach
Noctis Crater
Carmine Reef
Everglades Safari Adventure!
Riddle Rock
Ranger Outpost
Ancaster Mansion
Autumnleaf Vineyard
Searoar Spiral
Futuretech Nuclear Plant
Aeonopolis Sewers
Deepsea Trench
Dragon's Roost/Dragon's Keep
Victory Gate
Triumph Landing
Ascension Castle
Astral Peak
Astral Shrine


Diluculo Island
Whispering Cliffs
Melody Thicket
Myrtle Valley
Timber Track
New Forest
Wattsville Reservoir
Mountain Cycleway
Lake Valient
Basalt Path
Calamity Pass
Vestige Green
Halcyon Plains
Dusty Ridge
Blizzard Verge
Wintergreen Trail
Meltwater Gorge
Windrush Canyon
Immortal Desert
Verdant Oasis
Thorny Scrub
Lucky Lane
Ribbon Sea
Nox Island
Tropica Everglades
Victalis National Park
Shady Bayou
Dark Swamp
Shimmer Glade
Russet Falls
Amber Bridge
Crepusculum Island
Zephyr Bridge
Aeonopolis Outskirts
Amaranth Dots
Triumph Straits
Dies Island

~ Coming Soon ~

All concepts by myself, with the exception of:

  • Bulbolt and Halobolt by DU7CH13.
  • Likluk, Kitotom, Leolisk and Plantana by aocom.
  • Elatic, Rubbounce, Elasting, Cumulis and Strateus by mssingno.
  • Albyphus by Kuroda-Taiki.

All the above were used with the explicit permission of their creators.

The sprites were done by:

  • darthvagabond (Koaleaf, Koapeira, Koalyptus, Burgoat, Smoldhorn, Vulcapra, Driffelin)
  • RedBaron (Absyl)
  • Riceeman (Chirillon, Moovine, Mediguru, Emiroo)
  • aocom (Likluk, Kitotom, Tanana)
  • Pokekoks (Cumulis)

Many thanks to the above.


  • RedBaron - Sprites, graphics and generally being a legend
  • darthvagabond - Truly epic spriter and supporter
  • Riceeman - The Matisse of MS Paint
  • - Those sublime thread graphics
  • Samuraigun7 - Support Banners
  • Light-Fox - Region map illustration.
  • aocom - Fakemon concepts/sprites
  • mssngno - Fakemon concepts
  • DU7CH13 - Fakemon concepts
  • Aviculor - Spriting avec concepts
  • Ivyon - Woot, woot sprites!
  • Kuroda-Taiki - Fakemon concept/sprite
  • Rolzor - Spritedy, spritedy
  • Alucus/Calis Projects - Tiles galore!
  • Alistair - Outstanding tiles (not afraid of being colourful)
  • zein - Lovely tree tiles.
  • Poccil - The starter kit!

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~ Coming Soon ~