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    Originally Posted by dragon0fangz View Post

    a Solo Nuzlocke.
    Not sure how it would work out.

    or maybe, you get a pokemon, the first pokemon you see, and you can only use that pokemon until the upcoming gym. then you have to catch another pokemon and release the one you had before.

    for example, in red, you get a bulbasaur, train it, beat brock, catch a jigglypuff as the first poke you see (lucky or unlucky?). You have to release bulbasaur, use only jigglypuff, go through mt. moon, beat misty, then catch an oddish near nugget bridge, and release jigglypuff. and so on. It gets hard after the 8th gym, but at least you can basically catch pokemon from anywhere. maybe add the faint = death rule if youre feeling adventurous. but its not required. myrrhman, i challenge you to do this one!

    (lots of grinding)

    also, should i make a thread for this one? yes, im definitely making a thread, since i really want to participate. what should i name it?

    Potential names:
    This gym and this gym only
    1 Pokemon 1 Gym
    Solo Nuzlocke
    You have yourself a deal. But, I have a condition. You must go through this thread, and make a list of every challenge that has been created, but not approved as a challenge. I'm going to do them all. If you do that, I'll get started as soon as I finish my Electric Monotype on Kanto.