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    all challenges discussed, but not created.

    shiny challenge
    use only shinies, have to catch them legit

    combined challenges
    2 or more challenges combined

    moveset challenges (made, but expired)
    others choose the moveset

    metronome challenge
    metronome only (any pokemon with hacks fine)

    pc claims
    use whatever you've claimed on PC.

    Gender ratio challenge
    use only the exclusive gender. no 50/50, only 75/25, use male, or 0/100 use female.

    weak run.
    pokemon must have total base stats below 300 or 400

    height or weight.
    use pokemon with about the same height or weight.

    pokemon based on 7 sins

    pokemon based on the 5 senses

    mythological creatures
    pokemon based on mythological creatures

    random moveset
    use hacks to get a random moveset on a random pokemon

    themed triplets
    use triplets, like electabuzz, Magmar, and jynx

    use same contest type moves only

    must learn newest move over oldest move

    split game
    play all three gen games at once, no same pokemon

    every 2nd or 3rd pokemon in the pokedex is restricted

    interactive challenge
    your challenge is modified by the OP.

    stock market
    have a team, get points based off qualifications, and trade for more points

    no items
    required items only. (no rods too)

    youre an idiot
    never have a type advantage.

    6 letters
    think of a 6 letter word, then use the first letter for a pokemon with the same 1st letter, the 2nd letter for a pokemon with the same second letter, and so on.

    deja vu
    use same parallels of pokemon in each generation (starter, vendor trash, bird vendor trash, pseudo legendary)

    no grinding. period.

    Please bring scramble challenges back! they were so much fun. Others assign you a pokemon, with specific guidelines, so you had a Treecko, cannot use Mega or giga Drain, must know pound and quick attack, and a Lombre, cannot use super effective moves.

    Also I just got an idea for a little cup challenge. You can breed egg moves onto your pokemon, but use only those egg moves, no level up moves or tms or hms. also no evolution.

    woo i did it. hope this helps.
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