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    Originally Posted by stinger123 View Post
    Aww man! I still get screwed up
    .OK this is what I did.
    Indexed my full title screen (239 colours.)
    Got NTME, set size to FR/LG TS and selected the whole titlescreen and put it onto the tile map. There was a bit extra space at the right hand side.
    Went to NGLZ - Advance Put in image offset and imported my indexed bitmap and repointed thingy to 800000 and the two boxes checked.
    Went to Unlz-Gba and went to the number where I found my firered logo - 1991 :O and went 1 after that and 16 colours on. Loaded Raw onto 1992 and file to big blah blah 564
    FSF Put 700000 and put 564, got 1380 and search and copied the code and shoved it on with 2 00's and only had export palette checked.
    Clicked OK nothing happened. Loaded up game and I was even more screwed than last time
    Can someone put screen shot's on the NTME bit, importing on Unlz gba specially when you get your result and put the 2 00's on it and checking the boxes and stuff so I can check if mine is correct.
    Thanks for the people who are helping me :D
    Then you try to gradually increase the size of the raw. It then checks that the size of unlz.gba acted when you have not insert it.
    Try to look at this picture again.
    I have used images of black charizard.

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