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    It's Syd. Don't be alarmed. lol

    2. Do not rematch trainers. That includes E4 rematches, Red rematches, Joey Rematches, etc.

    3. Knocking out a wild Pokemon due to a crit. won't count. But if it happens too often, I might suspect some lying from you. ._.

    4. DO NOT LIE. Levels can be easily seen when not battling against wild Pokemon, so don't try grinding then lying you didn't, okay ? (:
    Just add them to the first post then. :) But what if they spam hit crit-ratio moves like Slash? 8D

    Joey rematches made me lol, ngl.

    Just submitted the challenge, first two posters on it get to be the gods!
    That challenge still doesn't make any sense, you know. I just don't see a lot of people wanting to participate in that behemoth of a challenge. Plus, idr you even saying what game it was for. My memory could just be poor though.


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