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    multiquote time!
    answers in bold, full post in spoilers to be safe...

    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
    I would like to find the answers to those questions soon XD


    How strong do you think Ichigo is compared to Aizen? I actually think it'll be a revamped version of him vs. Ulquiorra for some reason :/ Didn't he learn how to control the inner hollow within him again?
    I think Ichigo is probably on par with Aizen now.
    Originally Posted by smile! View Post
    It ate my post
    ...I mean, I already wrote a LONG reply, then I accidentally ctrl+Z'd a sentence. I tried using the Redo button up in the reply box's various tools, but all it did was reduce the post to its early condition. AAAAA
    I HATE when that happens to me!!!

    I think they meant that mentally. They can't have tampered with hollowfication on her. I mean, so far the process of hollowfying only happens to human souls, not the human themselves. And Orihime is just a human with special abilities, much like Ishida/Sado. But knowing Aizen (who has the HOGYOKU), it's plausible, even if it violates the rule of logic. However, we know that Aizen's interest in Orihime was only to lead the shinigami's attention towards her and capture them in Hueco Mundo, so I doubt that he would have done anything more to her.

    Yammy... I think he's nothing more than a bag of bullshit. <-THIS. I know he's supposedly the 0th Espada, but so far his only ability that we've seen is to grow humongously big and enormous while showing no additional prowess. And a fact that we all know is that
    #1 Arrancars who are Vasto Lorde most resembles a human in his original form, and
    #2 An Arrancar goes into his original form when he releases

    That being said, the only ones who have shown such abilities are Starrk, Barragan and Harribel, albeit Barragan being slightly... rotten. No pun intendedLOL Ulquiorra had a pair of wings, and Nnoitra had more than 2 arms. Grimmjoww has a bit of animalistic properties, and Zommari... is clearly nowhere near humanoid. Comparing Yammy, to me he looks nothing more than a retarded... ape. <- AND THIS. So, unless he has a special ability that Kubo has yet to reveal, I have a feeling there's a bit more to him though, since his fight isn't over yet. or he somehow plays an important role in creating the Oken (as a sort of sacrifice, perhaps?), I don't see the reason why Aizen made him the 0th Espada.

    Now, Ulquiorra. He did say that Aizen himself hasn't seen him in that form, but he didn't explicitly said that Aizen didn't know he has that form, right? I thought it was kinda implied... After all, Aizen recruited all the Espada himself, and Las Noches his palace, surely he would know. Though you may have a point... This is pure speculation though. <-but yeah, exactly. About Ulquiorra vs Yammy, unless Yammy can do any other thing than continuously growing big, I doubt Ulquiorra will have a hard time against Yammy. Ulquiorra seems to be able to "control" Yammy in the sense that Yammy kinda follows his orders. So it seems like Yammy knows Ulquiorra is stronger than him but this is just my own speculation...
    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    Something something, Head Captain's name is SLOWPOKE.
    ima kara = from now on
    soutaichosan no = head captain's name
    wa = is
    slowpoke = slowpoke

    It was always assumed that was a "mental" thing. Though if she was Hollowified, then wouldn't we have seen any hints at that? I mean, when Ichigo died, instead of sreaming "Kurosaki-Kun", wouldn't she have been mad enough to try and fight on her own? I dunno, it would just be bad writing for Kubo to just go "oh, yeah, Aizen made her a Vaizard and she kills him with those powers, despite the fact that I never hinted to that".
    I guess I can agree with this.

    I would say... It's like Gin. He got hit with an attack that most people think would kill him, but in the next chapter we see a panel of him and he's alive (I remember a small panel with Grimmjow, beaten down and un-released).
    Personally, I think that he should have died, but I think Kubo might bring him back out.

    Never thought of comparing his condition to Gin until now. XD That's a very interesting notion in its own way. Ouran reference LOL

    This is a much trickier question to answer. We don't know by how much Ulquiorra's power increased. And we haven't seen anything of Yammy's powers. All true...
    I also think that Aizen did actually know about Ulquiorra's Segunda Etapa (come on, he knew EVERY SINGLE one of Ichigo's fights), but he placed him where he would be without the power up.
    Whether or not Ulquiorra is stronger than Starrk is a tricky question, because, remember, Ulquiorra has high-speed regeneration, which is a MASSIVE advantage. I want that power. =P

    As for Yammy, I think it's like Aaroniero. Yammy and Aaroniero are similar in another way... They both scare me. =O He was a Gillian that had powers that made him strong enough to be the top ten, right? So including Ulquiorra, Hallibel, Barragan and Starrk (most likely Vasto Lordes) that means 5 Adjuchas. Now, I know they're rare, but I highly doubt that Aizen only has FIVE Adjuchas, especially since that is one more than how many Vasto Lordes he has, and they're supposed to be a LOT rarer.
    What this means is that Aaroniero's special power made him stronger than quite a few possible Adjuchas. Assuming that Yammy is the same, it could make sense for him to be stronger than Starrk.

    He'll have to be strong enough to defeat Aizen, if this really is the final fight. And I think he'll have to control his inner Hollow, as well as learn the FGT, as well as any other bonuses he may get.
    True. But it'd be boring if he completely overpowered Aizen right away. Though I do wish Aizen would die already. XD

    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
    Thanks for answering my questions, but I have some more now;
    OHEMGEE your questions are endless! XD jk jk
    I know that Cero Oscuras is stronger than a normal Cero but is it stronger then a Gran Ray Cero?

    I know this might be a stupid question, but what happens when Arrancar, Shinigami, or Hollow die? Do they go into oblivion or something?
    Those questions... I'm not actually sure. ;;
    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    Both Ceros (despite only being used once ever) has been said to be able to be used by all Espada, as well as being said to be many times more powerful than the cero.

    But the thing is, if one was more powerful than the other, why use the other one?

    The Gran Ray Cero is forbidden under Las Noches' dome, but Cero Oscuras destroyed half of the dome over Las Noches. We can all agree that they are feckin poweful. true dat.

    I don't think that it will ever be stated which is stronger than the other, but we can obviously say that Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras is stronger than Grimmjow's Gran Ray Cero. I don't think you'd wanna be hit with either one though!! XD

    I also prefer to think to myself that they are unique to each other. Makes fewer complications like which is stronger, and WHY DID THE OTHER ESPADA NOT USE THEM.

    It's as valid a question as all of your other ones.
    We know that Shinigami reincarnate into the Real World.
    When Hollows are killed (Quincy killed), they cease to exist.
    When Hollows are purified (by a Zanpakutou) they get cleansed and sent to Soul Society (or if they were BAAAAAD they go to hell). love how ya phrase that!! XD
    Arrancar, we don't know. One would assume that the same thing happens as a Hollow, but then that may bring up complications if they meet each other again XD I would imagine that they reincarnate like Shinigami.
    But most Arrancars are of Menos Grandes, which are made up of many Hollows, which also might prove a problem of "do lots of souls get reincarnated at once?"
    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post

    Don't overtime when souls are in the SS get reincarnated? Or do they just stay there?
    I think souls stay in the soul society for a certain amount of time and then they reincarnate. Or rather, they CAN reincarnate. Because if they become a shinigami or something then they wouldn't really want to. It's kinda confusing...
    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    I don't quite understand what you mean by "Don't overtime when souls are reincarnated". Can you please elaborate on that?
    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
    Sorry about that I misstyped ><

    I mean;
    Don't overtime when souls are in the SS reincarnate into the real world sooner or later? Or do they just stay their?
    Originally Posted by smile! View Post
    ^That is still... incomprehensible. XD

    Didn't we already have this convo?
    *I think we don't need to use spoilers for this, though*

    I think Arrancars get the same thing that happens to a Hollow, because in essence, an Arrancar is still a Hollow.

    This problem only applies to Gillians, though, I think. Because Gillians are comprised of many Hollow entities. Regarding the other classes of Hollows, (Adjuchas/Vasto Lorde) - they eat other Hollow to evolve, right? So the eaten Hollow would get reincarnated when they were eaten. [Assumption]. But yeah, this leaves a speculation for the Gillian. Would all the Hollow in a Gillian go to Soul society? Who knows...

    And this raises the question of... Tousen. 8D What would his next cycle be? stuck in a limbo
    interesting concept with him... dunno. XD
    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
    Sorry, I have a typing problem today D:

    Does anyone watch Bleach on Adult Swim?
    I'm getting kinda sick of watching fillers in Japanese then in English. Why does there have to be so many during the Arrancar Arc D:
    I like the Amagai arc. It's my favorite filler arc. And Bleach fillers are pretty good IMO compared to other anime fillers such as Naruto. All IMO of course. XD
    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    For those of you who wouldn't know (everyone besides me and Charizard★) I sent her a PM (still not understanding what she meant) and she replied:

    A soul stays in Soul Society until they die. They only get reincarnated when they are killed.
    Really? I thought I heard otherwise... Whatever. lol

    I'm pretty sure that we did XD

    I was going to write about Gillian, but then I forgot XD.
    It would make sense that eaten Hollow get reincarnated, yes, as opposed to being purified XD. Or perhaps they cease to exist (like Quincy killing).

    As for Gillian...
    When a normal Gillian is formed, I think all of those souls are still inside it, until it gets killed/purified/eaten, where all of those souls disappear/reincarnate/something.
    But a Gillian that can evolve (into an Adjuchas or a Vasto Lorde) has to be a special Gillian, no? One where one Hollow kind of... took power over all of the others, these ones have different masks if I'm not mistaken (I may try and find a picture later). In the case of this, I think that the other Hollows "go" in the same way that an eaten Hollow does (we don't know). And that this new Gillian is only one soul.

    I think that he would still count as a "Shinigami" who uses powers of a Hollow. So we would get reincarnated, instead of being sent to Soul Society.

    I guess that makes sense.

    I don't, no.
    And I guess there are a lot of fillers in the Arrancar arc because Kubo is going rather slowly (SHORT FREAKIN' CHAPTERS) and there isn't much else to do besides throw in a filler.
    Chapters are short because it's a weekly manga.