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I need that item manager to set some new prices for my hack. Do you have a downloadlink? i can't find it anywhere?
I found an earlyer version of thethethe's item editor but it's no good to set prices. Each time you finish the pokemon league i want to make a character appear that offers some rare items for 65000. But when i set the prices of some items to 65000 and press save, item editor turns the price into a negative value. You can't go higher then 32768!

Did some thinking and figured out why you can't go above 32760 without going negative. it's because the max is 2^ 16(65536, determined by number of bytes used to store value). If you want to have positive and negative values you get a range -32768 to 32767. So 0-32767 is the positive range and 32768-65536 is the negative range.
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