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Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
But a Gillian that can evolve (into an Adjuchas or a Vasto Lorde) has to be a special Gillian, no?
If I remember what I read from the Wiki, there's no special Gillian. Just that from those humongous number of Hollows that combine into a Menos Grande, one will eventually gain control over the others and evolve.

Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
Question(s) to all members;

Who is your favorite Captain?
Who is your favorite Espada?

Just curious to see.
Favorite captain:
For those who don't know yet-
I could go on and on why I like her, but let's stop here. XD

Favorite Espada:
Gee, idk about this. I never thought about them as a personal character, I just see them as a whole. Though I guess I could say Harribell/Starrk/Nell, cause they're the only ones that seem to care after their Fraccion. Well, yeah. And I hate Zommari >.>