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    Who is your favorite Captain?
    I think I'll go through a list with a ranking of each Captain to me. :3
    Excluding the 3 Ex-Captains and Amagai. :O
    10. Komakura, yes I don't really like him, not because he's a wolf, but he's uber weak bankai which is only large in size. c:
    9.Mayuri, Dx I really like him thought since he's got this whole rivalry with Unohana XD which is funny. But he treats Nemu(own daughter) like a piece of.. D: And experiments on all and is a great replacement for Kisuke. >.>;
    8.Yamamoto, he may be powerful but not much personality is shown about him, but he does have great leadership skills and loves to play by the rules. (not to mention he'll do anything to protect KK town)
    7.Unohana, she seems so motherly to me. C: She has this awesome glare, Dx but I don't want to put her on such a low rank D:
    6.Ukitake, the sick but powerful kido user, not to mention his shikai ability is pretty awesome. :3 But he has some weak members in his squad. D:
    5.Soi Fon,The other female captain,although she may seem weak, I think she`s pretty ninja 8D and likes to get the job done. c: Although she tends to lack emotion xD except towards lady Yourichi of course.
    4. Byakuya, his story with Hisana was pretty awesome, I liked him when he first appeared in episode 18 or someting. With the whole shunpo. :D c: and not to mention his bankai is pretty amazing XD
    3.Toshiro, freakin prodigy in the making and future captain commander He just needs to mature and get over his emotions towards Aizen. D: But who could blame him. His Bankai isn`t full yet but it`s a freaking dragon :D A chinese one. Which is awesome.
    2. Kennny!!!!! :D Who doesn`t love this tank/violence-loving maniac? XD Even though he doesn't have a real shikai ability or bankai he's still a pretty strong force. :o
    1.Kyoraku! :D Perverted,lazy,funny,intelligent. All the characteristics of my favourite character. I think his reunion with Lisa was absolutely hilarious XD and not to mention he picks some good lieutenants. :D He defeated one hell of an espada. And he didn't even use bankai. :3

    Who is your favorite Espada?
    Another list ftw. :3
    10. Zommari, seriously, I didn't even notice him, since Byakuya murdered him. xD
    9. Aaroneriu w/e, I liked him actually except for his ugly release form. XD
    Barragan, what a ...though touching anything will turn to old? sounds like Midas XD.
    7.Yammy,definition of rage and oversized nothing but power noobs. D;
    6.Nnoitora, He's like Kenny. but more more mean. D: he and Syazel turned Nel into a kid. :[
    5. Syazel, Pink hair,Mayuri counterpart and epic release. :D
    4.Grimmijow release Orihime, epic ceros,like in the bleach games and awesome personality, too bad Nnoitora wounded him. =.=
    3. Halibel Only female espada still standing and to be number three. D: She's not suppose to be bad,but Aizen manipulated her mind D: Same with Apache,Sun-sun and Mila-rose. D:
    2.Starrk, release form actually looks human, yet cool, double pistols. Which he can spam 100 ceros in mere seconds. :D
    1.Ulquiorra. Epic sauce, his death touched me, and his release form was freaking awesome. I don't care what other people say about him. D:

    There seems to something wrong with my spoiler tags. Even though I keep fixing it the results is the same. D: