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    Originally Posted by r0bert View Post
    okay so ive finished the hero sprite i know its bad
    well he looks good but as riokura says the soulders and one other thing the colours that the sprite had should and that bag bugs me the ow has an other one and have an cap but still i couldnt do him this good and i want to see the face maybe a little more
    Originally Posted by RioKura View Post
    Would anyone care to rate this map for me?

    @Bloody: I'm ready for a project whenever you're ready to give one.
    @R0bert: That's not that bad I rather like it. Although the shoulder strap could be a bit better...
    the map looks good but maybe a little too big and with other tiles like hg ss or dpp it would look better and for the projects we still arent ready i have to insert some hg ss mountains and pc with mart and i cant insert the hg ss grass because when i insert it right after i go in the gave the grass have the random grass woveing it dont look good when you walk in it but maybe you know how to solve this problem?? if no i insert some black and whit grass
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