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    Originally Posted by BlooDy_MuloS!! View Post
    well if you look nearer on it the map have some errors like for example the big yellow one the widows arent placed right and the little gray houses dont look good with the doors on other places
    Yellow buildings: I don't see the problem with the windows as they blend naturally; the spacing is a tad off, I agree, but there's nothing I can do about that.

    Grey Houses: I don't see the problem with the doors being in other places. The windows/extra space was made specifically for the purpose of having the door fit in other areas, so as not to be repetitive.

    Originally Posted by BlooDy_MuloS!! View Post
    the signs is blue should have othe colour, and in so an big city without at least an gym and a big building like that one in ruby at the first gym (forget the english city name , know more the german names) it dont look without one let me say unique(or diferrent from the others)
    Blue Sign: I purposely changed the color on this tileset so as to make it look better [in my opinion; it is my map after all ] and I don't see an issue with it being blue.

    Gym: This town isn't meant to have a Gym; it's not necessarily a town made just for Pokémon, and I didn't really want to put a Gym in it. I don't see how that contributes to it being unique considering most towns in a game have Gyms, but that's what opinions are for.

    Thanks for the input :D Appreciated.

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