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Originally Posted by DialgaPalkiaGiratina View Post
Here is New Bark Town!

I'm not aloud to download anything on my computer Hopefuly it will work for a hack

It took me hours to finish this >.<

But i have to ask. Did you just make this project so we help you with your own hack? And not for anyone else?
Accepted. :D

Originally Posted by trinity_pt View Post
New Bark Town

A little too late bud.

Originally Posted by xoax View Post
I will try to map Hoenn.
Here's Littleroot:

Tileset 1: 0
Tileset 2: 2
I'll make more maps in some time.
EDIT: Route 101:

Only tileset 0 used.
I know,proportions are messed up a bit. Dx

Neither one accepted.
Bad picture quality.

Originally Posted by xoax View Post
I think it's better now:

I made some tile adjustments to original pallet tileset.
Better.. But still bad quality..

Originally Posted by NovaStar View Post
Well given that this is my first custom map. I feel pretty good about this.
Here's my Verdanturf town.

Edit: Just fixed some tile errors.
I love it! :D

Originally Posted by NovaStar View Post
Look down.
Now look back up, the map is now finished.

And I know Hack, but since these aren't going into a hack it slipped my mind.
I like it..
But those two little houses.. They're weird..

Originally Posted by minchan View Post

I had already said I'd do Littleroot!!
It's above. I did this in A-Map.

I'll edit anything gladly. But I want to do Littleroot since I said I would...
Bad quality..
Left house (Our left) Has tile error.
Roof on lab isn't complete.