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Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
wasn't this a hack with like 200 maps?
Anyway its looking good, I hope you keep the part about the brotherhood, I thought that was extremely creative and unique. Also didn't Drifellin fly you places in the old game? (Because honestly I think it would eat me before I got in it, , all kidding aside Drifellin looks pretty cool). Some of the tiles look a bit outdated, you may want to browse deviantart for some public tiles.
Yeah. I :cer_love: maps.

The Brotherhood are still the main antagonists, with a bit of a facelift to make them more epic.

Driffelin airports will of course still feature.

About the tiles... HG/SS tiles I find somewhat garish and DPPt tiles just look reallky depressing... I'm hoping to make the game half way. It is difficult, as we don't have a tile spriter, to make unique tiles. In an ideal world, with a tile spriter, every town would have a unique tileset. For example, I hope to make Radiant city look like Barcelona to fit with its Spanish theme:

But without tilers, I'll have to settle for the nearist existing tileset. At the moment I'm using a mixture of Alistair's and Calis Projects' tiles with a few of my own thrown in.

Thanks for the input :cer_smile: