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Alright guys, here's a status report on Beta 3.

The fifth Gym has been added into the game and Beta 3 is 9/10ths completed :3! I just need to add a bit more things which will most likely only take me a few hours. I will work on it when I come back from school. The reason there hasn't been any progress reports, is simply because anything I might have said would of possibly ruined the story. I HATE ruining a storyline.. That's something that the player should be able to discover for themselves.

But anyway.. As said in the other thread, there are some things I really wanted in this realese that just might not make it such as

Custom Music

Custom Battlesprites

Custom Backsprites

New Titlescreen

New Worldmap

Maybe I can release them in a patch that will be used to fix errors or something. (Beta 3.2 O_O?) But anyways, thats my status.

Beta 3, is coming...
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