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Originally Posted by Dj2030 View Post
2 questions Ginji .

1. Do you file trade ?

2. If you do, What would you want for these. (Below) Please check my list. ( ) Thanx Ginji.

-UT Larvitar lv.20 OT: DUKING ID: 37149
-UT Meditite lv.20 OT: DUKING ID: 37149
-UT Plusle lv.13 OT: DUKING ID: 37149
-UT Shuckle lv.20 OT: DUKING ID: 37149
-UT Elekid(ZAPRONG) lv.20 OT: HORDEL ID: 41400

-UT Jolly HO-OH lv.70 OT MATTLE ID 10048
-UT HO-OH lv.70 OT Batoruyama ID 10048
-UT HO-OH lv.70 OT DUELLBE ID 10048
-UT Hardy HO-OH lv.70 OT ERNESTO ID 10048
-UT Modest HO-OH lv.70 OT MONTE L ID 10048
I can't file trade (I don't have a flash card) T_T
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