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    Alright, long goes:
    "No" yelled all of Team Phantom as the rocks began to fall from the ceiling. Garitina was coming. "This is one fight we cannot get involved in." Said Prof. Oak. "Come, once we get out of this cave, I've something for you."
    You race out of the cave, but find yourself surrounded by phantom grunts. "They look angry." Prof Oak comments.
    The nearest grunt walks up to you and punches you in the face. Then he notices the poke balls and your waist.
    "Hehehehe" he chuckles to himself, a greedy look on his face, while the other grunts approach.

    {Insert epic battle with excellent music here}

    In the distance, you hear the cry of Dialga, who's still in the cave.
    "Alright, here you go." Said Prof. Oak. He hands you a small red box. It looks familiar. "This is a national pokedex. It can catch and record data on all pokemon" Oak explains. "Now, I want you to travel to Johto and catch some pokemon there. You can take the Rustboro train to the Kanto region, then take a ferry to Johto."

    Is that long enough?

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