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    "You have thrown away your reiatsu". Interesting concept. Turning your reiatsu into pure physical strength, which makes me think of a few things:
    Can he learn Kidou now? Since Kidou and Reiatsu were in the same category in the Battle Charts, I would assume that they are related enough that not having reiatsu anymore would prevent him from using Kidou.
    What of Getsuga Tenshou? It's clearly not a melee attack, so it must be a reiatsu attack, no? Is he now unable to use that?
    Would this make the Final Getsuga Tenshou a melee attack, or something completely different entirely?
    What if Kenpachi did this?

    Though, I have to say, it's a good plan. Ichigo has a MASSIVE Reiatsu (as shown when Unohana was surprised that he had a Captain's level Reiatsu, despite his coat being torn) and it seems like it would be rather useless against Aizen, so trading it for pure strength, which will be more useful, is very smart.

    Deicide 20... I hope that it stops soon. I like Kubo's silly Engrish titles.

    Seeing that massive chunk of land raise up makes me think of how much more epic the anime will be.

    Watching Ichigo be incredibly serious and stoic makes me think... What if we had a silly protagonist? Someone like Goku, who would love a fight like this, and would enjoy it, even if he lost Forgetting the fact that the world would end. But, of course, this is Ichigo, our "villain-looking good guy".

    The agglutination...? Okay, MangaStream/Blinktopia/whoever is the official translator, you're being a bit show-offy now.

    Agglutination comes from the Latin phrase meaning "to glue to", so he's referencing the Zanpakutous joining with their arms. It's also a medical term.

    I think Aizen's right, though, it would make sense for Zanpakutou to be at their strongest when joined with their wielders. But how much more epic would it be if Aizen's Zanpakutou broke? I mean, Ichigo's bond with Tensa Zangetsu has obviously grown stronger, but what of Aizen and Kyouka Suigetsu?

    I like that Ichigo stopped the blade with his hand. It seems like a reference to when Aizen did something similar. It's a shame that Ichigo didn't do something similar, because that would have been an incredible moment of Ironic Echo.

    "I can understand if he can dodge it, even if it's impossible for him to do so, I can understand." Aizen's logic shining through.
    Perhaps Ichigo can concentrate his Reiatsu-strength into various parts of his body? To his legs to make him fast, then to his arm for a strong swing, to his hand to stop the blade, etc.

    Ichigo's mindraping monolouge is also pretty badass. I was also slightly mindraped myself.

    Aizen's talking a lot. You know what that means? He's scared. He's meant to be able to do spells of that level without the chant, and yet he's using the chant because he's afraid that it won't be as powerful.

    Black Coffin's going to look epic in the anime.

    But the thing is... How did Ichigo destroy it? He can't have used his reiatsu, did he swing his sword?

    And Ichigo mentioning that Aizen was wrong about his sword moving the earth... What if that's the same with his Reiatsu? He neither confirmed nor denied that bit, perhaps he still has his Reiatsu, then?

    Wow, longer than usual chapter XD Mostly Aizen talking, probably. I'm glad that we're seeing that Ichigo is strong enough to beat Aizen (at least, until Aizen powers up again). But there's that small, nagging feeling in the back of my head that Ichigo shouldn't be that powerful...

    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
    Wow, surprised...
    Ichigo has the power to kill Aizen right now. The manga was awesome, but I wonder what other powers does Aizen have? And same with Ichigo, I wonder how his hollow form will look.
    Ichigo has the power to kill Aizen, yes, but there's no way he will. The final fight, obviously, needs to be a lot longer than, what, 2 chapters?

    Aizen, after going on and on about transcending the powers of Hollows and Shinigami should have some interesting powers, while still retaining his Shinigami powers (Kidou, as we've seen) and maybe even being able to use Cero? This has the potential to be an epic fight, if there's a large variety in attacks. Aizen already has, I think, almost 200 Kidou spells (99 Hadou and 99 Bakudou) including the many that we haven't seen. Not to mention all those variations on Ceros (Grand Ray Cero and Cero Oscuras I'd like to see again), and Balas, and all sorts of Hollow attacks that we haven't seen. As well as all the new godly-powers he now has... This should be INCREDIBLY in the anime if he uses a lot of these.

    As for his Hollow form... It all depends on what happened to it and Tensa Zangetsu, since they fused and were defeated.

    Originally Posted by Live_Wire466 View Post

    Agreed, Ichigo is basically god right now, he can take aizen down right now if he wanted too. The next chapter will habe an Aizen counter-attack i think. Kubo always has the opponent make a comeback after ichigo or whoever has an epic moment.
    Like I said before, Aizen has to have a counter attack, otherwise the fight will be too short and boring.

    Originally Posted by minchan View Post
    Speaking of "Aizen"... Has anyone seen the user, Sosuke Aizen??? She's not posted in a while I don't think. =P It's been nearly a month. Her last post here was on Aug. 5. =P That's quite a while, for not posting a reason for absence. Especially for a captain. =P I'm sure she has her reasons but it's just something I happened to notice. A lack of an Aizen fangirl. =P (Though considering the events in the recent chapters which I will not elaborate on out of spoiler tags, of course, it might be a good thing...?) I noticed she hasn't even been on PC since the 5th too. Just saying. I wonder if she's okay. =/
    I haven't seen her, no, but I'm sure she's fine. I mean, when I had to go away for a week because I had a broken router, the only way I managed to get on and say was because I used my cousin's internet. It could be something similar. Or she could have gone back to school/college/uni/whatever, and didn't mention that, and she's just incredibly busy. Again, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.
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