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Whee reviews.

Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
Breaking the fourth wall again, huh?
Yep, as usual. =p
Maybe it would be better that way so that you don't go updating the fic again in eight months time. *gets shot*
Better late then never, huh? ;p
Have to say, interesting developments of Miror B there. Looks like he's really going to take manners in his own hands now. Very sly of him to lie Skrub about the favorites part, haha. Also I love his reaction to that Right Round song. I hate that song too. XD
I detest that song. =( But I guess you know my feelings to a lot of music about already. ;p Anyways I'll note that Miror B has a much greater role now than what he does in the game (if he ever did anything in the game around now it's never mentioned) - so I thought my favourite character should have something to do. XD

The part where the reporters came and Entei burned Duncan's lawn I love it. Also, today (well my time at least) is the real Duncan's birthday, so unlucky his lawn got on fire.
Ha, I was quite unaware of the timing there - talk about awesome coincidence. XD

I actually feel sorry for Mirakle B there. Not able to land a hit there. Furret could have battled though, but I guess it didn't because it was clueless? XD
Yeah. He is more of a challenge in the games, I'll give him that and he has more Pokemon too (none of the Ludicolo line though =( ) - especially if you fight him as early as possible. (That is if you actually know about him - he's quite unlikely to find).
Real quick, there's one mistake I saw:

I think the first "before" should be ridden of.

Well, things are getting interesting now. Looking forward to the Underground segment of this story!
Said mistake has been decimated. ;p Cheers for the review again Bay. =)

Originally Posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ View Post
And why did Miror B. not start singing, "I'm your Venus, I'm your fire at your desire" right here?
I guess there's plenty of opportunity for that next chapter. ;p Heck, NPCs in the game mention 'You're my Venus' and so forth. XD
Aww, poor Duncan. And his lawn. And his rake. What will our resident cranky old curmudgeon do now?
Start growing a new lawn, I presume!
Gonzap better keep that Skarmory away from Lisa and all her floral print outfits
Fair point - it might not end well at all. =o
Ooh, I like this development with Miror B. He did seem like the admin least devoted to Cipher, and there's much more to him than meets the eye But for the intents and purposes of my fic, Skrub remains faithful to Cipher *whines* It definitely adds to his personality while still keeping him true to his character in the games.
Heh, glad you like it, seeing it's basically all made up (only going on the change in his ways with Cipher between Colo and XD). And my version of Skrub I guess will have to be different to yours. Miror B does that to people. He makes them....change. ;p
And yay for Mirakle B! I always thought that guy was a bit flaky and not quite right in the head. Gotta love the smiley face Pokeball/Electrode/Voltorb that can somehow use Double Kick xD
Indeed - he has that 'flaky' feel despite his very short airtime. =p
Awesome chapter, even if it's way late. And I should think of more to write, but that would involve consulting Johnson's Magikarp for advice and that idea can't possibly end well.
As said to Bay - better late than never. ;p And it probably wouldn't be a good idea, no... =( Cheers for the review as well! =D