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Ok guys, I just got 5 packs of HS Undaunted and 5 packs of HS Unleashed (these packs are my first ever pokemon cards) and i'll start with the highlights of Undaunted :

Umbreon Prime
Houndoom Holographic
Raichu Reverse
Magcargo Holo
Metal Energy Reverse
Ruins of Alph Reverse

And now for the Unleashed highlights:

Lanturn Prime
Poliwrath (nothing special but I love this card)
Riolu Reverse
Chinchou Reverse
Octillery Reverse
Energy Returner Reverse

Some good pulls there I think especially the Umbreon prime, Lanturn prime and Houndoom Holo

Feel free to comment on what you think!

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the hydro cannons on its back are virtually unstoppable."
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